Diary entry 57

Dear diary,

Today was much better than yesterday even though I didn’t get any sleep during the night. I scolded the lazy ME and made myself to get out of bed by force (if you know what I mean). Had 3 consecutive classes and then went to offer Jummu’ah Salah at Al-Huda. Then ate lunch with some of my ex-fellows and friends and went to put myself to work. But both me and my supervisor, when we start talking, time flies (I never got to even starting the work I was supposed to do :p )

I’m surprised that I’m still not as tired as I anticipated.

Anyway, we got our major projects assigned in Mass Communication class today. And guess what! I’m gonna be a news anchor (ahem,ahem…..)

I think it would be fun to actually try something new this time. I mean,there was a time when I used to be good at singing. But not I suck at it because its been so long since I actually practiced.

Gotta go.


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