Diary entry 52

Dear diary,

SIST would be over tonight. Then one more year before it comes back. I’m going to miss it. Hey, today I got my certificate of participation for the last year 🙂
Yesterday, everything was in frenzy. My cell got “mutilated” but it kinda survived. Except for the back cover- it doesn’t fix anymore and it’s not broken either.
I’m glad I didn’t mess up today.
Yesterday, my aunt’s mother in law passed away. And guess what, the theme of SIST this year was related to death too. To tell you the truth, I do fear for myself. I mean, well you know, we all have fears of unknown, right?!
Anyway, I’m in hostel with nothing to do but eat “Savour” food while my family is back on the way to home. Miss ‘em already!
Well, maybe I should eat or drink “something something” or you know. . . . . .


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