Diary entry 51

Dear diary,

I do realize,its been a week since we last talked(well,its me who does all the talking,but still . . . you know what I mean. I know, right now, you would’ve given me a “poisonous” stare if it was ever possible). I’m back in hostel,well I came 2 days back, and since then I was trying to will myself to write something, but sometimes my laziness is more potent than other times. Anyway, I have severe pain in my left hip-joint. Its made walking difficult for me, but I’ll survive, I’m sure 🙂

SIST 2013 (Shifa Inter-scholastic Tournament 2013) starts tomorrow morning in Faisal Mosque Auditorium. It’s difficult to contain my excitement for the event. My whole family is coming today. And I have to learn ayahs for the competition yet(yeah, I’m in trouble yet again!). Dunno how long it would take, to learn ’em, but I’m on it. And I’m not resting until its done.

God! why do I feel sleepy all the time?!*confused and sleepy*

gotta go.

See ya some other time!

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