Diary entry 54

Words don’t make any sense any more,dear diary! I tried to find why. But I couldn’t.
I feel alone because the people I care about are busy making and living their own lives. And those who actually care about me,are far from me. People say that distances don’t matter when your heart beats for someone. They are WRONG dear diary! I miss my loved ones big time. It’s almost been a month since I last went home.
But the thing I miss the most is MYSELF. I’m neither lost nor dead, then why do I feel different? Why does it feel like I’ve become more of a brick wall than an actual person?
I skipped some days of writing here because I was busy being sick. And tonight I’m writing because I’m more sick and fever wont let me sleep. Last night was the same except for the writing part(well not entirely true. I wrote a poem on the back of my diary because it was difficult for me to sit and type.)
My throat is painful and I’m tired. I’m on a sick leave from university and I haven’t been to Al-Huda in ages. I feel so horrible about that 😦

But this is how life works,I guess. Whenever you are so sure of something, it invites you to take a step back and then decide.
I better go before I tire and damage myself beyond repair.

P.S:Poem later In Sha Allah!


Diary entry 52

Dear diary,

SIST would be over tonight. Then one more year before it comes back. I’m going to miss it. Hey, today I got my certificate of participation for the last year 🙂
Yesterday, everything was in frenzy. My cell got “mutilated” but it kinda survived. Except for the back cover- it doesn’t fix anymore and it’s not broken either.
I’m glad I didn’t mess up today.
Yesterday, my aunt’s mother in law passed away. And guess what, the theme of SIST this year was related to death too. To tell you the truth, I do fear for myself. I mean, well you know, we all have fears of unknown, right?!
Anyway, I’m in hostel with nothing to do but eat “Savour” food while my family is back on the way to home. Miss ‘em already!
Well, maybe I should eat or drink “something something” or you know. . . . . .


Diary entry 51

Dear diary,

I do realize,its been a week since we last talked(well,its me who does all the talking,but still . . . you know what I mean. I know, right now, you would’ve given me a “poisonous” stare if it was ever possible). I’m back in hostel,well I came 2 days back, and since then I was trying to will myself to write something, but sometimes my laziness is more potent than other times. Anyway, I have severe pain in my left hip-joint. Its made walking difficult for me, but I’ll survive, I’m sure 🙂

SIST 2013 (Shifa Inter-scholastic Tournament 2013) starts tomorrow morning in Faisal Mosque Auditorium. It’s difficult to contain my excitement for the event. My whole family is coming today. And I have to learn ayahs for the competition yet(yeah, I’m in trouble yet again!). Dunno how long it would take, to learn ’em, but I’m on it. And I’m not resting until its done.

God! why do I feel sleepy all the time?!*confused and sleepy*

gotta go.

See ya some other time!