Diary entry 49

Dear diary,I’m the “girl on move” today with a motion sickness. But I’m glad, going home finally!
Was too weary and tired to write an account of my management paper so here it is today. The objective part was too easy and went great but the subjective part almost scared me to death. First read of the questions and I felt as If I was so under-prepared.Anyway, I started with Allah’s name and words started to pour down on the answer sheet. By the time I was done with two Questions, I still had half of the allotted time left. So,I slowed my speed a little and still was done with it and half an hour left. I didn’t bother to recheck it(I never do!) and before I knew,I was out of the exam room, with a new gift of freedom on my hands. So here I am, with my father and brother, on the way to home and motion sick,yet again. But I’d gladly be motion-sick a million times if it means it ends at home!
(I’m not being rational or even serious here 😉 )

I’ll be on the road, once again, this Sunday. My cousin is getting married. She wanted me to stay but I’d rather stay at my own place.

Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home!




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