Diary entry 45

Dear diary,
Just had to listen to another big fight between my roommates. All the shouting has my head pounding now. Nobody was ready to calm down. The Pakistani roommate cries while the Kenyan roommate shouts. And I sit between them with my head throbbing and throat hurting after trying to make them see sense,which by the way, always goes down the drain!

Even the girls from the neighbouring rooms came to resolve the matter but had to go back with nothing but failure.

What works with them is that I let them speak their hearts out before saying anything. This helps a lot. When the extreme fire consumes the firewood, I’m there to tend to the burns. This is my job-yeah,I have the nursing duty. I tend to the scars in their minds.

(Well,no,I’m not a Saint.So what I basically do is,give them both a shut up call)
The sea is most peaceful after the storm. I love this silence(awkward though it is,but so precious all the same). Theres nothing more beauteous than the sunshine after a heavy downpour!

What just happened to me?
Where did all that come from?

Well, I guess this is all I want to write today. Back to “The Lucky One”



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