Diary entry 40

Dear diary,

I’ve been fighting the urge to write here the whole day today. But I guess it’s not easy for me to keep silent when I have something to say. Today we were supposed to take our last class for this semester, so I went, only to find some 7-8 classmates(rough estimate), sitting and talking so relaxed, like they didn’t have a care in the world(hope they don’t beat me up for writing this sentence 😉 ). As I entered the class,I asked them if the teacher was coming or not. They said no and I kinda regretted being there for a moment. But then A class mate started talking to me about my blog, which she actually took out time to read last night. Some other fellows were curious as to what kind of blog, and where. They asked for a link.

I’ll tell you what, its good to know that someone out there is interested in what you have to say, but the happiness increases manifolds when you know that there is someone out there, whom you actually know, who takes out time to read what you have to say. I was never much of a talking person, so this is the best and the easiest way for me to convey my feelings.

So, (I’m not writing your name here, but I know that you know who you are!) Thank you for coming here. It means a lot to me. I can almost see the smile on your face as you read this 🙂 and its your visit here that compelled me to write this post in the first place. I just hope you keep coming back and I really hope to know you better in the days to come.

And I have to confess, I didn’t regret one moment I spent with you all  today 🙂

Anyway, its late. So I better sign-off.

Nighty night!



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