Diary entry 39

Dear diary,

Stuck in law class, listening to law presentations. Tomorrow would be last working day before final exams which start from January 8, 2013.

I find myself in a very different situation these days and I’m quite shocked. These days if I’m not studying, I want to. It’s a big change for me, because I am the person who never studied even in my final exams. And yet I want to study these days.

Wow, three presentations over in 10 minutes. Now we are free to move about before the next class starts.

And the next class is a maybe. Because we have our department get-together, starts at 01:00 which is in class time. Lets see what happens next.

Time to say good-bye to teacher.

Girls are having photo session with Madam.

I gotta sign off too, now.



2 thoughts on “Diary entry 39

  1. DiAry entry it more aMazing try it you will benefit a lot .am more maniculous. And inteligEnt myb ur life style too will change

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