Diary entry 38

Dear diary,

Today’s been a nice day so far. The weather is very cold but moods were upbeat in class. The teacher asked everyone to wear a red dress on Monday to give a party/ get together feeling to the class. She then asked everyone to come forward one by one and talk about the good and bad things we did in this year in this year. I was called first and her question caught me off guard. But it had me thinking real hard. The best things I talk about too often so here are some bad things that I did and don’t want to repeat in next semester.

*not taking care of my health.

*missing many classes due to bad health or laziness (sometimes)

*getting irritated by my both roommates too often (but of course I didn’t utter a word to them.) One thinks I’m Thesaurus or a philosopher (I guess by the questions she keeps on asking me) and the other talks too much (most of that talk is senseless). The thing that irritates me the most is that they have no concept of anyone’s personal space. ‘Cause they violate mine numerous times a day.

*The friction between them never ends. And every time I have to act as a buffer between them, to keep things straight, even though, I’d rather mind my own business. I know I sound selfish here but acting without leaning on any one side can be a tiresome job. And not to mention the after effects of the initial disaster. I have to clean their mess in the end and to clarify both parties.

Anyway, I would very much like to welcome any positive changes that can come my way. I want us to be united as sisters and remember each other in good words.

Time for some rest before the next class starts.



P.S:I wish my roommates stop telling me things that don’t concern me in any way!


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