diary entry 36

Dear diary,

My presentation got postponed to tomorrow.

I have been repressing my ability to sing from past four or more years so its become too rusty. And today’s competition was an eye-opening event. My mum pushed me to participate but I’m kinda glad because I had a great and educating day. I’m not in a small city anymore. Big city, bigger challenges. And I have embraced this with my whole heart. Winning a prize has never been my reason to compete, it’s the winning of hearts that matters. I didn’t win and I’m not going to whine about it(I’ve had my fair share of winning so there ain’t a reason to whine about) because after today, I have to say, so many people are so much better than me out there. And its feels so great not winning for a change and knowing that someone who really deserved, got her chance at winning.

Here, I’d like to thank my mum who pushes me to participate, who stands beside me giving me strength to go on, who takes me back on track when my steps are not sure and who stands proud when I win and tells me I can do anything if I put my mind to it when I’m feeling blue. There’s so much to thank you for. And to my friends, who stay with me, in my good times and stick with me in the bad ones,to make them better. . . . . . . . .

Okay, I wasn’t planning to write so much today. I’m tired and have a quiz and presentation tomorrow which I haven’t even started to prepare yet(I know you are not thinking:”wow that’s a shocker!”), so I’ll go now.

Ma’as salamah!

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