Diary entry 27

Dear diary,


Going home might not be as easy as I thought. What with all this rain!

Driving is becoming more and more difficult for dad. I’m just hoping we still find a way to end this journey on its actual destination. I don’t wanna stay in Islamabad now that I finally can go.

I’m just praying we make it to my home TODAY!!!

When I said “hope to meet you soon”, I didn’t expect to meet you so soon. But who knows what fate holds ahead. I needed to share, so here I am, knocking at your door again.

We are in Rawal Pindi, and I hate this convoluted city. (Yeah I hate my friend’s city)

But it seems I’ll have to spend the night in this very city.

Just my luck!!!

Hours of wait stretching. Lets see if I make it to my home or to my grandpa’s place in Rawal Pindi.

Wish me luck!



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