Diary entry 23

Dear diary,

Presentation went great again.3 more to go. Then I would be a free person (till my finals). Last night I had a dream. You know I don’t dream often. This means I didn’t have a good night’s sleep which must have hazed my mind. Presentations were my worst nightmare before and it came as suddenly as a revelation that I no longer feel this way about them. In fact, I have come to like them.

Wow, did I just say what I think I just said???!!!

Something is growing on me, I guess.

But I’m still happy 🙂

Today I plan to go to my Aunt’s place, I hope I don’t ruin my own plans again (I always do that)

My whole class is arguing with English teacher. She wants to give one other long report and we want her to stop it already.

Anyway, its kinda friendly discussion, and surprisingly my whole class is one on this (happens rarely)

Happiness is in the air. The teacher’s gone and my class fellows are acting like animals-literally!

I guess this is what happens to some people when they are happy. The long report is off. Next class starts in 10 minutes so I better go.