Diary entry 21


Smallville (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lana Lang (Smallville)

Lana Lang (Smallville) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear diary,

Yesterday we studied about “short term memory” and “long term memory” in Educational Psychology class. It was so interesting to know how things work. A day or two back, I was watching “Smallville, season 4”, when suddenly I had a flashback from my childhood. I’ve always loved babies. When I was in Kindergarten, every time I had a day off or I took a day off, I’d go to CMH (Combined Military Hospital) where my mum worked. She was in charge of surgical ward in those days. I remember holding a lunch-box full of home-made chips with ketchup, and asking my mum to drop me off in the nursery in officers family ward. Where I would spend 8 or so hours with new born babies while my mum worked. Let me tell you, there’s not a more special feeling in this world than holding a new born in your arms and watching his little smiles when he sleeps or touching the soft skin. And when the child unconsciously holds your finger in his hand…….there’s no greater joy.

What triggered this memory in the first place?

To be exact, in “Smallville, season 4, episode 20 – AGELESS,” There was an orphan child found by two teenagers (Clark Kent and Lana Lang). The way that child’s presence influenced them, the way they cared for him before his untimely death, I guess that was the trigger, which made that far off memory to come back and with such a force, it felt so real, so intoxicating. Even though I was barely 4 or 5, but the way I used to spend my whole day with children, caring for them and being happy, I would love to have those moments back any day.

Right now, I’m sitting in my class, listening to English presentations and writing this.

Arghhhh, I gotta go and write a paragraph the teacher just gave us.

English: Actor Tom Welling – Comic-Con 2009 - ...

Tom Welling as Clark Kent– Smallville

See ya!


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