Diary entry 20

Dear diary,
Last week,I had 4 days off from university,so me and my roommate decided to take a very long walk(which lasted 03;30 hours).I woke up that night with an aching body,tried to sleep again but I could feel I was burning up.Not a good sign,I knew.The next thing I knew,I was down with temperature and a sore throat.
Well,all the holiday spirit went down the drain.Days went by and I slept more than 12 hours everyday.Before I knew it,my holidays were up.I looked like a character from the “Dawn of the dead.”And I do eat brains of my close ones too-ask my friends 😀

(not literally-it would be “ewww”…………….)

What the hell am I trying to prove here???!!!


Ahem,I guess a side-effect of being partly sick.Yeah-Its going to take me some time to adjust with the reality of the world around me.

….and with all those dark circles around my eyes,I still look like a “Zombie”
(a cute one though :p no arguing allowed there 😉 )

I have the most persistent and stubborn throat problem.And between my presentations and lots of classes that practically fry my brains,I’m still recovering.
I planned to go to my aunt’s place today,but didn’t,don’t ask why.I dunno,whats with me!
And now,I’m feeling extremely alone AGAIN!!!.
Just saw “Titanic” after almost a decade and my emotions are sinking like that ship right now.So I guess,this bad feeling is partly because of that movie.
I dunno…….
I guess,I should go.

9 thoughts on “Diary entry 20

  1. HI for dark circle rub Vaseline under your eyes before you go to bed and as for being or feeling lonely its natural. Everyday walk is essential you do for 1 day you are going to feel like crap.

  2. This is a cool blog over here. I think I’ll visit your website more if you post more of this kind of specific information. Many thanks for posting this information.

    • I’m judging by your name that you were searching for some sex related information.This isn’t my area of specialization so I’m afraid you wont find any more “specific info” about it in my writings.But even after knowing that,if you are still interested in reading my blog,you are more than welcome 🙂

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