Diary entry 20

Dear diary,
Last week,I had 4 days off from university,so me and my roommate decided to take a very long walk(which lasted 03;30 hours).I woke up that night with an aching body,tried to sleep again but I could feel I was burning up.Not a good sign,I knew.The next thing I knew,I was down with temperature and a sore throat.
Well,all the holiday spirit went down the drain.Days went by and I slept more than 12 hours everyday.Before I knew it,my holidays were up.I looked like a character from the “Dawn of the dead.”And I do eat brains of my close ones too-ask my friends 😀

(not literally-it would be “ewww”…………….)

What the hell am I trying to prove here???!!!


Ahem,I guess a side-effect of being partly sick.Yeah-Its going to take me some time to adjust with the reality of the world around me.

….and with all those dark circles around my eyes,I still look like a “Zombie”
(a cute one though :p no arguing allowed there 😉 )

I have the most persistent and stubborn throat problem.And between my presentations and lots of classes that practically fry my brains,I’m still recovering.
I planned to go to my aunt’s place today,but didn’t,don’t ask why.I dunno,whats with me!
And now,I’m feeling extremely alone AGAIN!!!.
Just saw “Titanic” after almost a decade and my emotions are sinking like that ship right now.So I guess,this bad feeling is partly because of that movie.
I dunno…….
I guess,I should go.