Diary entry 38

Dear diary,

Today’s been a nice day so far. The weather is very cold but moods were upbeat in class. The teacher asked everyone to wear a red dress on Monday to give a party/ get together feeling to the class. She then asked everyone to come forward one by one and talk about the good and bad things we did in this year in this year. I was called first and her question caught me off guard. But it had me thinking real hard. The best things I talk about too often so here are some bad things that I did and don’t want to repeat in next semester.

*not taking care of my health.

*missing many classes due to bad health or laziness (sometimes)

*getting irritated by my both roommates too often (but of course I didn’t utter a word to them.) One thinks I’m Thesaurus or a philosopher (I guess by the questions she keeps on asking me) and the other talks too much (most of that talk is senseless). The thing that irritates me the most is that they have no concept of anyone’s personal space. ‘Cause they violate mine numerous times a day.

*The friction between them never ends. And every time I have to act as a buffer between them, to keep things straight, even though, I’d rather mind my own business. I know I sound selfish here but acting without leaning on any one side can be a tiresome job. And not to mention the after effects of the initial disaster. I have to clean their mess in the end and to clarify both parties.

Anyway, I would very much like to welcome any positive changes that can come my way. I want us to be united as sisters and remember each other in good words.

Time for some rest before the next class starts.



P.S:I wish my roommates stop telling me things that don’t concern me in any way!


Diary entry 37

Dear diary,

The last presentation for this semester is over. It went great (Alhamdulillah!)

Three more days of classes and I might get a chance to catch my breath before the finals start. Its been an amazing semester. I found a very sweet friend, took a trip down the memory lane numerous times, discovered that presentations could be fun, endured arguments between my two roommates(that I still am enduring while acting as a buffer between them.), came closer to my little sister (emotionally), understood the worth of having a family, stood up for something I believed in and found decaffeinated coffee in market (finally!!!)

Oh, I forgot one – wrote diary entries during classes 🙂 which reminds me, its class time.

Gotta run.

diary entry 36

Dear diary,

My presentation got postponed to tomorrow.

I have been repressing my ability to sing from past four or more years so its become too rusty. And today’s competition was an eye-opening event. My mum pushed me to participate but I’m kinda glad because I had a great and educating day. I’m not in a small city anymore. Big city, bigger challenges. And I have embraced this with my whole heart. Winning a prize has never been my reason to compete, it’s the winning of hearts that matters. I didn’t win and I’m not going to whine about it(I’ve had my fair share of winning so there ain’t a reason to whine about) because after today, I have to say, so many people are so much better than me out there. And its feels so great not winning for a change and knowing that someone who really deserved, got her chance at winning.

Here, I’d like to thank my mum who pushes me to participate, who stands beside me giving me strength to go on, who takes me back on track when my steps are not sure and who stands proud when I win and tells me I can do anything if I put my mind to it when I’m feeling blue. There’s so much to thank you for. And to my friends, who stay with me, in my good times and stick with me in the bad ones,to make them better. . . . . . . . .

Okay, I wasn’t planning to write so much today. I’m tired and have a quiz and presentation tomorrow which I haven’t even started to prepare yet(I know you are not thinking:”wow that’s a shocker!”), so I’ll go now.

Ma’as salamah!

Diary entry 35

Dear diary,

I happen to be dealing with a lot of nerves lately. And when I say a LOT, I mean it!

Palpitations, insomnia, sweating and Hypoglycemia are some of the conditions I’ve been experiencing from the past week which means I need to stop and take a good look at what I did to get so many visitors who don’t seem like they want to leave me alone anytime soon.

I guess the work load is increasing and I still haven’t gotten over “Smallville”,maybe its the real reason,who knows! Life is kinda on hold or maybe it’s moving too fast to keep a track of. I dunno, I’m confused and believe me, its frustrating.

Tomorrow is a big day. My last ever presentation, in this semester of course, and a competition. And frankly, I’m kinda freaking out. You’d think I’d go and prepare for my presentation and yet here I am, writing.


I thought writing here would help. Guess I wasn’t right after all.

I see an old friend online, maybe talking to her would help.

Catch you later,



diary entry 34

Dear diary,

I need to study management for an assignment and quiz but power is out for an hour. I was drawing the curtain when my sick Kenyan roommate stopped me. She needed to be warm and I wasn’t helping. I told her that I have to study. She fell quiet. Now I feel so bad that I closed the curtains and decided to wait for the light to come back.

Last night was one amazing night. I talked to someone who knew me from my childhood. A van fellow. So many memories came back flooding. It was like reliving those days. We used to play a game in which a team of girls would compete against the guys of my van. We each had to give a letter to other team and they had to sing a song starting with that letter. A solid hour would pass in that game before my stop and still we all wanted to keep going every day.

I remember, narrating Harry Potter novel to my fellows, singing Titanic theme song on the way home and in summer we used to fill our water bottles and throw water on van driver and whoever sat in front seat with him. But nothing can compare the joy of sitting on the roof of the van 😉 (Yeah, I used to do that too!)


It was one helluva time we spent, an adventurous childhood, even the thought of which is enough to spread smile across our faces.

Well, thanks to the person who helped me relive those moments.


(This one is for management!)

Time myself in my book.




I just read a post and enjoyed it.here it goes. . . . . .

The Daily Post

English usage snobs all over the internet shudder when they hear the word “literally” used to mean its opposite. For example, somebody who claims to have been “literally scared to death” actually means that he was figuratively scared to death. If he had been literally scared to death, he wouldn’t be around to tell us about his fate. Search Google for the simple word “literally” and you’ll find no shortage of sites correcting the misuse. Some fun treatments include that of The Oatmeal (beware, it’s a little off-color) and xkcd.

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Diary entry 33

Dear diary,

I posted diary entry 31 but something went wrong.It didn’t appear exactly according to my wishes.But I’ve decided to continue with the sequence,skipping the 31 entry.(It’s difficult to type it once without having to repeat it twice!)

It’s amazing how people think that I can solve their problems when they learn that I’m Doing BS in Psychology. It’s so flattering people but I’m not a Psychologist yet!

And its going to be a while before I become one.But its sweet to have someone knock my door thinking I can be a help and I love doing anything in my power to ease them.

Anyway,my Pakistani roomie has gone back to her home and I hate to say it but I’m stuck here in hostel to cook my own dinner :p

I better get going

Diary entry 30

Dear diary,

Sitting in class like a robot with headphones on under my scarf and listening to “Nasheed”(Arabic poem ), while my class mates were presenting. . . . . . wearing a scarf has its own perks 😉

Today is going to be kinda busy. I’m helping some mates with their work. Its writing and sound editing. You know I love both.

Teacher is gone so I better get to work before the next class starts.

Here comes a new assignment for me. . . . . . Man, I’m in a  mess – that’s more than I ever bargained for!

See ya!