Diary entry 19

Dear diary,

I’m really done with people who try to make me their own puppet.People I’m not the “obedient” material,so just stop it already!

I don’t want to throw “anger phlegm.”I’m asking nicely,leave me in peace,you don’t want my tantrums.

If you are unhappy inside or have some serious issue with your mind,that doesn’t give you the right to show me attitude and destroy my mood.Why don’t you leave me alone and go expect things from someone else?

Giving me hard time won’t solve your problem!

Uh,wait,I’m doing the same thing here.I’m sorry diary.Its just that,you are the only one whom I can tell anything and everything.Just bear with me.I’m trying not to reach my “Boiling Point” here.


I have to think things through.


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