Diary entry 18

Dear diary,

Attended a seminar today on the topic:

Stress,a silent killer.”

All the talking about stress and its management.Just heard the news that my uncle passed away today.Life has such twisted sense of humor 😦 Talking is easy but acting – not for the faint hearted people.I have an exam tomorrow,which means I can’t go home.Lets see what stress is doing-Shoulder muscles are stiff and painful,have pain in the neck muscles and a building headache,tear glands in activation,chill running through my whole body.


Leave me alone,or I’m gonna cut your claws before they reach my heart!!!)

Deep breath in,deep breath out.deep breath in,pushing chest outward,abdominal area rising,shoulders straight,deep and slow breath out………body relaxing…….

I’m okay,I’m fine!

I better go to try to concentrate on my preparation for tomorrow’s exam.