the official mice catcher

My mum is terrified of mice.She can’t even stand the thought of having a mouse in the same room as her.She would try anything and everything in her power to get rid of them while keeping her maximum distance.If a mouse died,she would not go and pick it up for its disposal.

Thats where the official mouse catcher comes into the picture.In case you wonder who this Official Mouse catcher is-ITS ME 😀

Yeah,whenever I come back from my hostel,there is a stray mouse in my home,disturbing the peace there.So,my job is to catch it-alive or dead-and throw it away.

Don’t ask how I do it-maybe its just a matter of good fortune for me and the hard luck at the part of the mouse.

I catch it and throw it away but can’t kill it-but mum doesn’t argue on this subject as long as I get rid of it for her.