laugh it off

You know how it feels to be abandoned by someone, don’t you? The hurt won’t leave you, your eyes won’t stop complaining, but again- there’s no one to see and comprehend. The one who left doesn’t come back to comfort you.

Do you know the feeling when you come to know that someone you loved and respected, is a fake. Yeah, cheated is the exact name of that emotion you then feel.

But, the sooner you know, the better. I can’t say that it prevents you from being hurt but you still have some power left to forget that person.

Some people are present in your life to break you. To show you how much you can endure-how brave you are-what exactly your limit is!

Thanks to them, you come to know about your real inner strength. You fight the demons of hopelessness and come forward as a victor. There’s no harm in that!

Besides, the process of learning has always been a difficult one! One way to deal with such sorrow is to laugh it off-that’s exactly what I’m trying to do today.


It hurts!!! And really bad!!!

Arrrggghhhh . . . . . . .

No, I don’t have any heartaches right now its just that

I have pain in the pit of my stomach!

(No! I’m not trying to be a drama queen-I suck at being dramatic.

Probably I ate too many almonds today).

P.S:this last picture is a little exaggerated version of how I’m feeling right now.



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