Today’s that day

Sometimes when you think you’ve had enough in your life,life slaps on your face and says:
“Wake up you fool,its not even half of what I have in store for you!”
Sometimes when all things fall apart for you and there seems no reason for you to go on living,you cry.And suddenly you realize that it was only the tears that blurred your vision,that the world didn’t close on you but your own tears blocked your view.Once you let the hurt go,your eyes are clear to see new hopes,free to dream again.
Life has answers for everyone-its doors are open.
Everything moves in a continuous cycle of alternation that we call change.Why is it said that opportunity knocks on your door only once?Because that opportunity is a part of that change circle.It does come back,but you are no longer there.By the time it knocks again,its not your door anymore.Because just like the world,you move on.You flow with the flow of the world.
Still some days of my life-today’s that day-I wish for a miracle to happen in my life.I wish there was an option of resignation from the house chores.

Then surely,I would’ve been the 1st person to have resigned!