Diary entry 7

Dear diary,

Its been raining all morn’ today and the heat has subsided.I believe change is good.

A dialogue from a children’s movie made me look at my childhood.

Every girl is a princess!

But looking at my past,my childhood,I didn’t see any princess in nice and lacy frocks ,with ribbons in her hair ,with her  sweet manners and lots of other princesses for friends.

Well,I can’t say I’m a neglected child ’cause the situation was entirely opposite.I’ve been the youngest child for over 7 years before my little brother came into this world.And even then I was the most attention seeking child because I was the only sister of two brothers for another 3 years.By the time I was 10,I had a beautiful little sister.

But Living with a brother who is older than you but close to your age has its own perks.I insisted on wearing clothes just like him.I had little boys for friends. . . . .

Anyway,the point is,I was never a princess-but I always was a WARRIOR-I still am!and I love it that way!I was the wild and cheeky child always,still am!

Alas,the world would never understand me,right?!

Yeah,I know I’ve been a big disappointment for mum I guess but its okay ’cause mum’s got another daughter now-who’s as much fond of fancy clothes and dressing up 🙂 my little sister is the princess at my place.She plays the part well.May she gets to marry a prince too,a prince charming at that-and may her life is filled with extreme happiness.

As for me-I’m happy being me-never afraid to show what I really feel inside.


Time to go to bed!

And choco dreams to you too!




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