Diary entry 5

Dear diary,

Finally,I have enough time to write whats in my mind.I’ve been so obsessed with writing lately,so naturally my mum is pissed off.But I’m trying my level best to make it up to her.
Today was a disaster in my ‘trying-to keep-my-temper-calm’ routine but everything is better now.Was very cross with my little sister and vice versa-but now shes sitting beside me,eating dinner.Shes so sweet and so forgiving.Or maybe all children are-because they forget so easily and so quickly.I like that about children plus the fact that they don’t have to think and rehearse the words they want to say.They aren’t pretenders or liars-the world makes them.

Anyway,I’m writing gibberish in my 1st stroke and then I have to cut it and re-write the right spellings which means I’m more tired than I thought I was.Now I’ve realised fighting could be so tiring!

😀 kidding!!!

anyway,gotta run or I’d miss my train to sleepsville!

sweet dreams to you too 😉


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