Diary entry 3

Dear diary,

Writing early today because I’m alone right now,listening to the most beautiful Taraweeh Salah live.Feeling so light and happy 😀

Everything is back on the track in life-except for my SIM network.Its still horrible and of course the power breakdown-how can I forget that one!Trying to write something new-just an experiment though.Hope it would be successful.I’m planning to let it out soon,but depends on how much I get time to write.

Miss my university life so dearly(working at home-doing all the household chores aren’t to my liking!).Heard that the result for 2nd semester is out(Don’t even go there,I’m not sharing it under any circumstances!Ugh,kidding 😀 don’t even know myself yet!)

September-Please come quick,want to be doing something!

Family invasion on my solitude-gotta run!
’till next time-

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