Diary entry 1

dear diary,

I hate typing really!But I’m doing it ’cause I love writing.You never know when you do wonders with words.What I’d give to write just 1 such piece

Yeah,yeah,yeah . . . .I know the feeling!

And I may one day be able to do it if dear WAPDA would allow our electricity to stay for sometime.

And frankly,I get such terrific ideas when I’m busy in doing my chores.And when I finally get free to write them in here,my mind goes practically blank like a sheet of paper.Surprising for me ’cause my mind never even goes blank in exams and yet I dunno what happens to me while trying futilely to do some creative writing.Maybe I have to-what you call it-oh yeah”LOOSEN UP A BIT!”
maybe I should try it right now-whatya think?

gotta go,

see ya soon if  . . . ya know what I mean!