University life as I found it

The cultural week is just around the corner.Only two more mid term exams to go.The air of my university is feverish and high spirited.I’m already too excited(not for the cultural week but because the tension of exams gate would break then).

So when I entered my university gate,I heard screams,making my soundly half-sleeping-mind alert,for which I’m sincerely thankful from the core of my heart,to those “LADIES” with shrill and ear-throbbing voices-for I was about to attempt my International Relation exam in mere 10 minutes.And I couldn’t possibly afford to do that in my daze.So thank you again.And also,for giving me a food for thought.So,I what was I talking about?

-oh yeah,the screams!

I had to raise my head to see where was the noise coming from.Didn’t see it anything out of ordinary at first so I kept on walking.On entering the Female campus gate something unusual caught my attention.What???!!!Amusement rides in my university???!!!OH C’MON!!!As if  . . . . . . as if the already  EXTRA-ANIMATED population needed any extra help to show its real face!

I mean,when I first entered my university,I had so high hopes.What I expected was some seriousness in people,ambitious,hard-working researchers and Professors with great(over-flowing)knowledge.And what I found was that those so-called ladies didn’t even know how to stand straight.I was sitting near the parking area waiting for my bus when I saw several senior girls bending their bodies in strange angles that a human body seems impossible to bend at.

And frankly the first thought that crossed my mind:Are these my seniors?What happened to their reasoning sense?

University is thought to render one confidence and help people refine their talents further.But what I saw before me,startled me.What kind of role models were they?

Anyway,I didn’t have time to be side-tracked as I was short of time.So I hurried to my class and sat in my exam.Then it was time to leave.I collected my stuff and as I left my class,again those screams hit my ears.It seemed the girls who boarded the rides had a competition called”

“Lets see who screams the loudest!”

I kept walking silently.Near the gate a taxi was parked.As I passed it I heard a student arguing with the driver:

“Mujhay itna karaya na suna’ain aj to CNG be hai”

(don’t you ask for so much rent.CNG is available today.)

WHOA!call it boldness or over-confidence.I can’t even think to talk in such tone to an older person.Maybe,”Once a dunce,always a dunce”.I dunno,why I never learnt such things even after being at university.Whenever I’m excited,my excitement is much contained,when I talk,I try to be polite and reasonable.

There are only two rational reasons in my mind.Either I’m too dumb to learn such tactics quickly or university doesn’t actually teach weird or unethical things.They are our own invention.

So,when I pass a lady talking to her friend on the top of her lungs,laughing,instead of telling her that she isn’t sitting in her lounge,I overtake them,smiling under my veil and feeling internal happiness and satisfaction at not being like any one of them!!!

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