Mother . . . . .

Torn between the right thing to do and the need to destroy that person,she sat morosely on her bed.The western scientists say that we are what we eat.Carnivores were not allowed to be eaten in her place just because her elders said so and her religion forbade her.But what she felt inside was something new and something totally opposite to what diet she took in.She felt pure hatred boiling her head-a character of Pigs.She wanted to rip him apart and drink his blood-again an animal instinct.She felt like a lioness,whose little cub got hurt in front of her eyes and the offender sat before her eyes,relaxed and careless.She wanted to cut his body into thousands of pieces-one for each moment of unhappiness he bestowed her and her child with.She was living through the moments of past again!
“Oh good Lord!tell me this has nothing to do with me-this is for my child’s sake.”
she begged inside her head.
But she didn’t feel satisfied.She tried to change her position,to go and busy herself in something to occupy her mind but failed miserably.He cheated on her and she was fully aware of it.Right from the start of their marriage,he was never truly her.He defiled her trust,and killed her love for himself.To her;he was everything in her life.To him;she was nothing.Firstly she was his match-a result of arranged marriage and later,she was the mother of his child.She was never a soul mate,a better half or a love interest for him.
She was so true to him-always!
How she spent her youth and her old age in trying to make her life less miserable with him.she tried and tried to forgive him again and again-when he was mean to her.She tried to overlook his disloyalties but to no end.Whenever he did something wrong-her heart wept but she was helpless.
As the time passed,she learned to ignore whatever he did outside his home.But her heart didn’t stop bleeding and crying . . . . .
She was ready to forgive all his misgivings but “cheating on her child”,that was unforgivable!!!

She would rip him apart to save her child if she needed to.

Now,thats what a mother would do for her child!!!And thats what she was ready to do.she would save her child from his own shadow if she had to.

Now for my mother-I miss  you a lot mama.Its your prayers that help me stand before the world.Its your protection that saved me from any harm.Its your love for me that taught me compassion in my own life.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I’M PROUD TO BE YOUR CHILD!!!

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