Do you remember . . . . ?

Do you remember how we met for the very first time?But how can you forget that- pardon,that was a silly question.Right,so we met in our school van-you were new and very silent. . . .and I was curious-how could you be a girl and so silent one at the same time?

Do you remember when I talked to you for the very first time:”How do you stand to be so quiet?I mean,I just cant . . . . ”

Yeah,a bad start I know but it ended with the best ever result.I mean,you see,I got a great friend in you!

Who cares if it started with a stupid question?

And then she came along sometime and we became the “Inseparable-Trio”.Three girls,pretending to be characters from Harry Potter series,singing Titanic song all the way to home- keeping seats for each other ,fighting for each other,telling stories-enjoying each others’ company . . . .

Huh,I miss that-do you?

Do you remember how we met?I do-

I was reading Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix in lunch break,sitting in class and you came to me and asked:

“Hey don’t you have any friends?Why don’t you hang out with anyone?What do you keep reading all the time?”

I smiled(I guess!well I hope,actually.anyway)and said:

“Oh,I do have friends.In fact,I’m friends with the whole class(which included you too,of course,but I didn’t really know you-my bad.Actually I didn’t ever noticed you before you came to talk.But I’m not as careless as I used to be back then . . . . . .well,maybe a little . . . . .oh,okay,I’m still as careless as I ever was.but thats not my point),but I don’t make best friends.”

“Hey,why not?”

“Well,you see,my mother was in army,so whenever I made a best friend,we had to move.Its so heart breaking.Finally my mum got retired and so we came to live here,in my home town.I made a best friend here,but she left,for her father was in army-eventually I gave up on making best friends”,I said sadly.

Well,I don’t remember being alone ever after that- thanks to you!!!

Do you remember,I was headed to the library and you called my name suddenly?I turned only to find that your face didn’t ring a bell(maybe it was because I saw you wearing spectacles and a scarf when I saw you for the first time.And what I saw now was a completely different you-with lens and your hair over your shoulders)-of course you knew me but I was oblivious.Remember when we ate together at the canteen-when you teased me  about being a slow eater?

Who knew you would touch my heart?

Remember when in college we came to be friends-for you were always so good with me.We were like partners-with a common interest-a common dream and talents to pursue our dream of becoming writers and DJs.Ah!I remember sharing little details of things we would write in our own novels,and then get them published.I remember so clearly when we did the proof reading for each others’ book,giving suggestions.And when we started to write for a local magazine.You remember it,right?And the three-legged race that we won together(yeah,the college owes us a cup or at least a certificate)

Should I say,you rocked my world?

I don’t know how we came to be friends but I’ve always loved to have you on my always made me feel like home and I never grew tired of your company(and I wonder how you used to stand me,for I never seemed to shut up ever!Way to go for such a tremendous patience!!!).I found you have a good heart and I loved your hair-SERIOUSLY!!!

You remember when “WE” went for inter college competition as a team?I have clear flashbacks.When we  were each others’ potential,when we were ONE and held each other close.Remember-winning the 1st trophy for our college and enjoying a party at KFC afterwards thrown for us by our Principal(it doubles the joy when you don’t have to pay from your own pocket 😉 agreed ladies?)

A team,we were,a team we are.GO TEAM GO!!!

Remember singing “Tappas”in the class,fighting with the guys,drinking tea from our Wing-Head while sitting in his office-bunking the class,being up to no good-and lurking around the cafe in all the free time we had?


You taught me so much-

*To be curious,is a good thing sometimes.

*Being natural,saves your many energies.

*How to awaken the artist inside you.

*Self sacrifice and caring for others give eternal bliss.

*Should never underestimate my abilities.

*How to be gentle and nice to others.

*Together we stand,alone we’re gone before we realize it.

*There’s more to a relation than superficial and obvious things.

And the most important of all,I can count on you-always!And thats more than I’m worth.Thanks for being there for me always.Wish I could ever do that favor to you too!!!

Love ya ALL!!!