That “Teddy-Bear-Hug”

Even the puppies that play together,are difficult to separate.The horse that you take care of,loves you so much that it gives in to its beastly instincts and become sincerely attached with you.The pigeons you keep as your pets,after some time they come back flying to you even when you open their ways to the vast skies.

So all the affiliation and affections count in our relations.

We meet and make memories together,we go our separate ways and BOOM!!! The memories remain but we no longer know each other,like we did before. We no longer talk,we no longer laugh on the same stupid jokes,we don’t see each other so often now.We try to reason with ourselves – “Oh its nothing,it’s just that I’m changed,I don’t need that person and they ain’t gonna like this change anyway”.

But way deep inside we have this feeling –

“Whom am I kidding huh?This friend is too important to lose”.

One of us makes the first move and reach out to the other with open arms –

So we live in each other’s heart,till the death does us part!!!

This is one side of the picture-the perfect picture.But this isn’t the universal picture,or is it?

Certainly no!

‘Till the death does us part’
Funny,how we could’ve achieved this without any extra effort and yet,we didn’t!Because we were all busy in our own worlds



the chance got snatched away.So we walk on this world’s surface all ALONE waiting for a teddy bear hug from our once most beloved ones.So,we crave for their company,every passing second of our life.Regretting on what we lost and keeping our todays at a bay for regrets later in the life-for wasting those moments at hand.

Ask me about the craving-when I don’t have a clue as to whether my beloveds share the same misery as I-when I wonder how strong is their need-when I desire to see them smile at me,when I lie in my bed for most part of night thinking about them and when I start to put lesser and lesser efforts into my work-when I need a love-filled scolding dose . . . . . . . . .

Yeah,I itch for a scolding,a shaking and a forced waking up!!!

Ask me how painful it is to long for that one embrace which shouts

I LOVE YOU. . . . .

OH I MISSED YOU SO. . . . . .



Just one smile,just one little peck,just a single hug – and there’s no stopping me – I can face the world and all its hardships. . . . . .

All I need is “You”, beside me – and I cease to care for anything else.

A hand of friends and family,a gentle push,a pat on the back is enough to make the difference in the whole world.And most anticipated is the hug when you return all victorious –

Nothing can take place of that one TEDDY-BEAR-HUG!!!