Tired one night I slept

unaware of the approaching death

but the moment I lay

there wasnt time to say

goodbye my world,

I’m leaving you!

my soul left;flying

I heard news of me dying

neither anything now I could do,

nor could something I say.

Goodbye my world,

I’m leaving you!

As my soul approached the sky,

I saw a wretched,suffering soul

he told me to bring Quran as my friend,

and torch of sunnah to my grave.

he was yelling and telling everyone

‘be obedient till the end!’

but alas!nobody ever heard him say,

the truths,unveiled as they lay.

With a new start,I was full awake

this dream had given me a good shake

I took his words;tried and tried

to escape a dreadful hereafter’s fright

so contend and peaceful today,

at last,I’m leaving you my world!

like a peaceful child,sleeping tight,

goodbye my world,Im leaving you!!!