The wild me . . . . . .

I was running like a wild lioness ,on the deserted road of my university,on this wild hour of the night,my iPod secure in my pocket,headphones on my ears with fast and wild music thumping.This wasn’t the first time I was out after midnight,all alone,running endlessly with the furious beats of music,as if in a synchronization;but my roommates didn’t worry any more over my continuous absence in the night hours.

Today,again,they were sound asleep when I got out of my bed.The clock on my side table read two in the morning.”Perfect!”,I said to myself.

Without making any noise,I changed into my jogging gear,took a long breath,came out of my room and launched into a slow warm-up stride.It was surprisingly chilly outside.My body responded in a shiver,as the cold touch it.I was under prepared for this kind of cold,but there was no going back,so I went on.

I increased my speed as I left my hostel gate behind me,sneaking out so that the guard wouldn’t notice.I was on the grounds beside my hostel building.Just then an idea crossed my mind.”why not go on the road?After all,you wont be crossing the premises of the university”.And that was my cue.I took the shortcut and was soon on the road.

And I ran like  . . . like never before!!!

Night,sometimes does this to me.The darkness-is almost too painful for me to endure.It gets on my nerves,especially when sleep isn’t anywhere near me.And every night,I have a weird craving-a craving for arms to take me in an embrace,to hold me until I sleep.But since I’m in a hostel,miles away from my home town and my dear mum,so I guess there wont ever be any such help!!!

So,here I am!!!running again,trying to tire my body to sleep.Everything is so peaceful,quiet and static-I like it-I like this solitude and this wild energy!!!

It’s so nice to get freedom at last that I want to sing on the top of my voice,I want to laugh and hear the sound of me,being happy,I wanna jump and fly,to touch the sky!!!

With fast music and delicious voices pumping energy into my nerves and my numb legs,I pushed hard on the road.”Keep going-You gotta keep on going.Dont you dare stop now!!!”,I told myself,trying to aid my will power.”Yeah,you can do it-You can make it!!!Damn it,you will make it!!!”And I did make it, surprisingly so,but I did run about two miles.I was panting now.So I slowed down as I came near my room,my mind clear,all cravings gone-lost somewhere in the blues!

As anticipated,running helped both physically and mentally,tiring my body;suppressing the emotional aches by a dose of more urgent and alive – bodily aches.And filally,when I put my head down on my pillow,I was sound asleep,before I even knew it!!!


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