I miss you . . . .

I was crying uncontrollably,aching for an arm to lessen my pain with a simple hug.to show a bit of affection.I was wounded inside.How is it so easy for people to just turn away and forget those who love them so dearly?how do the discarded ones keep themselves upright and going?maybe I was new to this emotion so I didn’t know how to handle.So once again I was lying on my bed like a retard,celebrating my misfortune,with no one but tears of agony and an excruciating pain of being rejected tearing me from my inside.
I gasped for air . . . . . . . .

Lying here,in the darkened room,

craving for a soothing embrace,

tears through my stinging eyes,

longing for your shoulder,

with pain tearing me apart,

suppressing the urge to scream,

dunno how long can i brace myself.

it’s a sharp killing blow.

I never meant for you to go!

but you left without a backward glance

was it all pre-planned my love?

no good-bye,no hug,no other chance!

but I still can’t get over you.

missing you honey,

missing you so much!!!

Come sleep come!Please dont take so long now.And why don’t you call your sister along-a peaceful death for me!!!
and sleep didn’t wait for long.soon I was buried deep under its charismatic charm,tired and aching.

I woke up with a new start.my cell phone was ringing somewhere near me.I tried to sit but my head spun and there was a throbbing pain in my head.my eyes were still hazy but my ears were still working.And that’s when I heard my door closing.”Who’s there?”,I called.My glasses!Where are my glasses?My mind was fully awake now.But my eyes were blind in the darkness.But where are my glasses?I tried to find them on my bedside table but-nothing!but I would be even more blind without them,as if that were possible in the first place!

My head was better now so I took off the bed to search my glasses.It felt like walking with my eyes closed.and surprizingly my own room seemed like . . . . . I don’t know what’s the right word . . . .maybe-changed.
That’s when I bumped into something that wasn’t there when I slept.So it was time for me to panic.Frantically,I turned and asked a bit louder,”Who’s there?”
Nobody bothered to answer.But I felt something brush my body,and before I could react,two strong arms held me in a crushing embrace and a familiar voice whispered in my ear,”Happy Birthday,Love!”
One moment I was tense and the other moment I was hugging back.Tears of realization washing all the pain I had experienced.
He stroked my body with gentle hands,caressing and comforting.
My hubby knows how to comfort me.He’s got the best skill in handling me!!!

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