call it a disaster or not . . .

Okay so . . .

I just sat at my bed watching her with keen eyes sitting before my PC,checking her mails.And there it was,an e-mail,she was most interested in.I tried to turn my head so that i don’t have to see it.

A quick impatient click on the subject of the e-mail . . . . . and waiting . . . . and waiting!She refreshed the screen . . . .but still it won’t do any i suggested her to take a deep breath that she was holding back,and try another search engine.She literally looked as if she was about to pass out.

“Relax mate,relax!”,I heard myself say.

“its so difficult to be in suspense!”,she responded.

and then it happened!!!

Slowly the mail opened resulting in hyperventilation.Ah!one more step to go now.She clicked the show pictures option.All the eyes became focused as the picture unveiled itself.She saw a glimpse,and regretted it.Her heart stopped beating,dreams-shattered,a sinking,chocking feeling got hold of her senses.Now she lay back in her friend’s lap,forcing the tears of disappointment to stay inside her eyes.He wasn’t her dream boy – not even close!Was this the person her parents chose for her?it certainly was!But how could they do this to her?how could they just engage her with him without even once showing his picture?

Her heart was so full,and mind could not take any more.She was so sure she would collapse due to this tremendous grief.

And the dilemma that she faced was how to tell that person that his beauty wasn’t according to her standards?or how to tell her parents that she didn’t want to marry him?

So she was nailed now!Betrothed and unwilling – un happy to the core!!!

Many a times,don’t we see this injustice in our place?one rash decision-and the life destroys forever!!!Is it so despised to ask for what type of a person the girl,or even the guy wants to have as their soulmate???

So once again a whole life gets destroyed before our eyes but we seem so oblivious of even any such happening.And we certainly never ever stopped to think that the next time it happens . . . . .IT COULD BE WITH Me!!!

just a word with you

I’ve been waiting for this for an eternity now!The excitement won’t go or even subside.So I guess I’d better start to get it out of me soon,before I explode.Here’s this small effort to get it all out-this big misconception in my mind of me being even remotely close to being called a writer.Don’t worry!i’ll get over it soon-I’m so much positive about it.But for now,you’ll have to endure me!That’s enough for a starting dose I guess!so,